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Anna Maria Island History      In 1513, King Ferdinand of Spain financed Ponce de Leon's search for the Fountain of Youth, a mythical spring reputed to have the powers to cure illness and to give eternal youth. On his journey, he discovered Florida on Easter Sunday, naming it "Pascua de Florida" which means "Feast of Flowers". His bold voyages to the East and West of our state opened the doors of imagination for many Spanish explorers. Ana-Maria-Cay soon appeared on charts and galleons filled with conquistadors frequented our shores. But the wealth they sought eluded them. In 1561, King Phillip II of Spain reluctantly announced that Spain would no longer pursue expeditions to Florida. Anna Maria Island was quiet for hundreds of years.
     In 1892, President Wm. McKinley granted George Emerson Bean a homestead on the north end of our island, making him the first permanent resident. Soon, Beanís son teamed up with an investor named Charles Roser. Together, they formed the Anna Maria Beach Company, laid out the streets and started developing the town of Anna Maria. Roser, it turns out, is better known as the inventor of the Fig Newton. His Kennedy Biscuit Company began producing the cookies in 1891. In 1898, they joined a national network of bakeries to form the National Biscuit Company, later known as Nabisco. The stock purchase created a million-dollar windfall for Roser, who joined his father developing real estate in Florida.

This information gathered from Anna Maria Island Historical Museum
Please visit the Historical Museum located on 402 Pine Avenue for more information. Or Call them at 941 778-0492. You will find a lot of great information and have a lot of fun!
Anna Maria Island Historical Museum
Roser Church, Anna Maria Island      Roser Community Church & Roser Cottage Ė In 1913, the islandís first church was inspired by a dream as Charles Roserís father napped on his front porch. Today, the non-denominational church still welcomes all visitors to services each Sunday. Roserís original real estate office still stands across the street, virtually unchanged since it was built. The Original Cortez Bridge Ė In 1921, a wooden bridge first linked us to the mainland and Model Tís rolled onto the island. You can still take a walk on the Western end.

Aerial View of Anna Maria Island, compliments of Jack Elka Today, Anna Maria Island looks very different. Here are some Aerial Photos, compliments of local photographer, Jack Elka.

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